Sinton Disc Golf!

Our good friend Rudy Martinez is working on getting us a new 9 hole course in Sinton! He’s going to be having an event out there, with temp holes set up, to show everyone what it’s about.
It’s going to be at Rob Bessie Park in Sinton.
Contact Rudy Martinez 443-3358 entries are
pros 52
adv 32
ams 22
There’s also an optional $5 Acepot
Two dollars goes to course fund.
Also asking that players bring two cans of canned food that will be donated Sinton food bank. Course a 9 hole with alternate tees playing two rounds of 18 holes. And must contact Rudy Martinez to register by phone due to only 36 spots available.

Victoria Open

I was completely remiss, not posting some stuff up here about it in the leadup.

It was a blast, for those of you who weren’t there! Victoria Disc Golf is starting anew, fresh club, some new baskets, and taking charge of an event that’s been around longer than most of us have been playing.

Great job by Ryan Despain, K-dub, and the whole crew! We’ve got three clubs in the area, and I’d like to see us working together all the time! Mike’s letting us run the Bluebonnet this year, in lieu of STUDS, and I hope we can have a great event.

We’re going to have the Bluebonnet coming up in Ingleside, so stay tuned for updates about that!

Work Day Saturday!

Gina over at the City of Ingleside took some swift action, and is going to be getting us mulch for teeboxes this week! Saturday we’re going to be having a work day to pretty up the boxes, come on out and help us! How fast the work gets done determines the mini schedule, so let’s knock it out early!

And our first full-year tag match is concluded!

Great to see everyone show up today! We had 31 entrants in the tournament today, and I hope that 31 people had a blast, I know I did!

Also, you guys might know at the end of the day I get frazzled, so excuse mistakes and call me on it if I make one.

I’m pretty tired, so I’m not going to list everything that happened today, but some highlights:

Kim Cartwright hit her first Ace on hole 16, red course. Left handed skip! Winning her a cool $155.

Travis took our #1 tag to start out the year, and we had Joel shooting great on the Red to win him 1st in Ams. Terri dominated the ladies card to take their $1 tag!

It’s always fun to see everyone, and I think we had us a good ol’ day out there today!

We’re back!

What’s up! is back in action!

I’ll be repopulating it with our content and working ┬áto integrate it with our google calender and Facebook!

We have our new tags for the year coming up tomorrow! Glad to have the site up!

Stupid Sharepress

For the moment! Posts to will ONLY be posting automatically to MY (Mitchell) Facebook! I’ll try and repeat the important stuff on the FB page, until we decide if $24 is something we want to pay for superior integration of the site and the Facebook.